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Sgian Dubh with Hamon


The fit, finish, temper,edge and point, the wood, fittings and even the sheath are perfect!

I have been a knife art buff for roughly 25 years, and owner a number of customs during that time,
but have never been so moved by a piece before.

You are truly gifted!

Thanks my friend,


Bowyer's Hunter

"Yesterday was the first day I really got to field test the knife. I took it on a hike to collect arrow shafts. For use, I started with cutting the base of the sapling off and then hacked the branches off. The debranching basically consisted of sliding the knife down the stem from bottom of sapling up towards the top, this prevented any grain tear. The weight of the knife made it a pleasure to wield and perfect for hacking branches. I frequently pick it up and admire it's beauty. It's a masterpiece, the handle is gorgeous, and the blade has a sweet curves. I'm incredibly happy with the knife."

Carved Dirk

Click here (it's a .wav file) to hear the feedback I received on this one.

bearded axe

"A year ago or so I ordered one of Adriaan's bearded axes of limbing axe size. I am here to tell you that the axe is very balanced, holds an edge, and works exceptionally well. It's quite similiar to the bearded hand axe shown on his web site, but somewhat larger. The axe is a credit to it's maker and I am proud to own it.

Adriaan makes his edged tools by hand, himself, from the raw materials - from scratch, in other words. His attention to detail is fantastic.

I strongly recommend you give his exceptional talents a try if you are in the market for a quality, hand-made edged tool.

Thanks, and well done, Adriaan!"

Pete Port Ludlow WA

Sgian Dubh with 9cm blade

"Got the knife today and love it! I can't thank you enough for your fine workmanship and attention to detail. I'll definitely be showing it off at the Highland Games the weekend...I'll do my best to gin up a little more work for you! Also, I forgot to mention that the sheath is perfect and fits the blade like a glove!

Thanks again for the fine knife. It is truly a thing of beauty."

Houston, TX

Please send me a comment: my email is sharp at adriaan gerber knives dot com. Replace at and dot with the normal characters "@" and "." and remove the spaces. I've had too many junkmail messages recently, hence the security attempt :>

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