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Lochaber Axe
A Lochaber axe with a 19" spring steel (5160) blade that has a maximum width of 3 1/4". From the blade tip to the butt cap the over-all length of the weapon is 8' 2".

The Lochaber axe was a halberd employed principally against cavalry in Scotland around 1300. The blade is attached in two places with a sharp point coming off the top and a hook attached to the back of the blade. The axe has a spike on the end, to be used on close combat in a thrusting motion. The hook on the back allowed infantry to hook the cavalry off their horses. To accomplish this, as the cavalry charged, the highlanders would suddenly change formation from a large body, into smaller bodies of men with clear channels between them. The horses would naturally go into these channels, and the foot soldiers would hook the cavalry off their horses, then use their axes on them with devastating effect. The hook supposedly could also be used for scaling walls. -- Wikipedia


I received the Lochaber axe today.

Since I find myself suffering from a laps in any form of eloquence I will simply say

Too cool man. You are right, she is a heavy son of a gun, nearly three times the weight
of my other one, but oh so much better made. This is going to be great to use with our
Scottish Jacobite 1745 reenactments. I think the back hook should have been a bit thinner
but that is nothing. I wasn't even expecting it to have a good end cap! I am thrilled to
death with this thing.

My wife was awful glad she had the day off it arrived. She also sends her complements to
you. (We share obsessions in history and weaponry.)

Thank you again!

Overjoyed and Respectfully yours,
H.C." -- customer feedback
Lochaber Axe Lochaber Axe Lochaber Axe Lochaber Axe Lochaber Axe
Lochaber Axe
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