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Sober stick

Don Fogg used to make these before retiring. When a student recently wanted one, Don asked me if I'd be interested in making these and I jumped at the chance. This is from Don's website:

"Fashioned after the Japanese yawara stick, a self defense weapon, these are potent deterence. Forged from carbon steel, they are 3/8ths thick, one inch wide and six inches long, with a sharp chisel point. They are carried with a kydex cap on the end and when needed, they serve as a load in the hand for power punching and when the cap is popped off, the potential quickly escalates.

Named after Harvey Sober, internationally renown martial arts teacher, who has developed an effective defensive fighting style around the sticks."

These are made from 1095 steel with a black paracord diamond wrap over a brown hemp layer. I have 7 of these available.


Sober stick Sober stick Sober stick
Sober stick
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