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Work in Progress - Seax

These are rough progress pictures of a seax I'm working on. You can leave a comment if you like.

Please send me a comment: my email is sharp at adriaan gerber knives dot com. Replace at and dot with the normal characters "@" and "." and remove the spaces. I've had too many junkmail messages recently, hence the security attempt :>

The first rough shaping of the tip:

The blade forged out completely:

I had to set up this charcoal forge to heat treat the blade since I usually do shorter pieces. The pipe is filled with oil that I warmed up beforehand:

Heat treated and cleaned of scale. Sanded down to 400 grit:

A shot of my maker's mark, a sanddollar:

And another one:

Clamping the lacewood handle down after glueing, too many clamps is better:

All the parts laid out, brass bolster, copper spacer, handle, another copper spacer, brass butt cap piece #1 and butt cap piece #2, all with pins to join them in place:

Handle after some decoration:

Fancy clamp to glue handle onto blade:

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